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3 Ways To Fight A Traffic Ticket

If you recently received a traffic ticket and believed it was written unfairly, you might be able to fight it. As soon as you get a good lawyer to help you fight the ticket, use one of the following methods. Prove the Officer’s Observations Were False When you get a traffic ticket, it is usually […]

What You Can Do If A Tenant Is Subletting

As a landlord, you should have a real estate lawyer you trust that you can go to when you have questions, concerns, or problems with your tenants or rental properties. While there are numerous problems you can have with your tenants, one involves subletting. If your lease agreements prohibit tenants from subletting their space, you […]

Lions And Tigers And Lawsuits, Oh My! Your Rights As An Injured Zoo Guest

Zoo owners design their modern zoos to be virtually impenetrable by outside forces and inescapable by the animals. However, it does not stop some animals from cleverly figuring out how to attack, such as the case of Jabari, the lowland gorilla. The animal scaled the cement walls of his enclosure severely hurting several people before […]