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Have A Criminal Record But Want To Travel To The United States? Here’s What To Do

The truth is that you do not actually have the “right” to travel into another country from Canada. However, many countries happily allow Canadians to cross their borders. This is especially true with the United States due to its friendly ties with Canada and its close proximity. Unfortunately, if you have a criminal record, this […]

Is My Warning Label Sufficient?

Warning labels might seem ridiculous when they issue an obvious warning, such as warning the user not to eat an electronic product. However, if you do not include a warning label under some  circumstances, you may open your company up to litigation. Obviously, you can’t warn users about everything, so you will need to decide […]

3 Alimony Myths Debunked

When getting divorced, there are a plethora of things you’ll be asked to consider that you may have never even thought of. Alimony, also known as spousal support, may be one of them. Below are three common myths surrounding alimony payments and the truths behind them. Myth #1: The Wife Always Receives Alimony Gender has […]

3 Ways To Fight A Traffic Ticket

If you recently received a traffic ticket and believed it was written unfairly, you might be able to fight it. As soon as you get a good lawyer to help you fight the ticket, use one of the following methods. Prove the Officer’s Observations Were False When you get a traffic ticket, it is usually […]